Sunday, January 31, 2010

Head Start on Spring Cleaning

My stash, which is in a hard-to-reach corner in my tiny bedroom, needs to be pared down. This may be the perfect time to make some new fingerless gloves, cuffs, or crazy mismatched stuff I'm usually too shy to create. I hope to amuse you all with my frustrations in de-tangling and figuring out where all my double-pointed needles and crochet hooks have gone. I don't have an awesome picture of that mess right now, but maybe that's for the best.

Does anyone have any ideas for small projects?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Making a Pom-Pom, and Finished Product!

Today I finished the Jayne Cobb hat, and in the process I made a pom-pom. I thought using two CDs would make a good frame. The hole in the middle isn't quite big enough to fit as much yarn as I usually use for a pom-pom, but with enough trimming, it turned out well! These are the steps I took.

I slipped yarn through the center of two CDs held together, enough times until I couldn't anymore:

I cut the yarn along the edge of the CDs:

I separated the CDs with my thumb:

I slipped some string between the CDs and tied a double knot to hold all the strings together:

I separated the two CDs, making sure not to pull any strings from the bunch:

After much trimming, the pom-pom turned out as so:

Yay! He likes it!

Oh wait, he should be frowning, in order to look like Mr. Jayne Cobb:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Ubiquitous Jayne Cobb Hat

I have given in and started a Jayne Cobb hat, as per my boyfriend's request. There are a lot of these hats out there. I decided to use this pattern as a guideline, but I think I'll adjust the ear-flaps and gather the top a bit more. Tune in next time to see how it looks!

I like to make things, and I'm getting better at actually finishing them these days. You may see pictures of those.

I also like to ride a bike, and I get really really mad at all the potholes in the Spring. You may see pictures of those too.

Eating is another pleasure of mine. I like to cook, but usually I don't put an effort into making the food look good. This may change, and when it does, you may see pictures of my attempts here. Now! Testing the picture option!

Oh! I found a picture of a frittata I made!

So, yeah--I hope I actually update this thing! Yay!