Friday, January 29, 2010

Making a Pom-Pom, and Finished Product!

Today I finished the Jayne Cobb hat, and in the process I made a pom-pom. I thought using two CDs would make a good frame. The hole in the middle isn't quite big enough to fit as much yarn as I usually use for a pom-pom, but with enough trimming, it turned out well! These are the steps I took.

I slipped yarn through the center of two CDs held together, enough times until I couldn't anymore:

I cut the yarn along the edge of the CDs:

I separated the CDs with my thumb:

I slipped some string between the CDs and tied a double knot to hold all the strings together:

I separated the two CDs, making sure not to pull any strings from the bunch:

After much trimming, the pom-pom turned out as so:

Yay! He likes it!

Oh wait, he should be frowning, in order to look like Mr. Jayne Cobb:

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