Monday, July 26, 2010

New Design (Probably): Paulina

I've been experimenting with short-row hats a la Leethal, but with my own twists. Earlier, in my recent FO post, I demonstrated my failed attempt to do an "illusion hat," something that I'd been warned might not work because heads happen to be round. "Round schmound!" I said to that, only to find that I'd wasted a couple days drawing charts and following them and glean the result of a weird, kind of nubbly, hat.

But I prevailed! Not with that concept, because it was drenched in fail-sauce, but I had another idea: what if I cast on a few stitches and made some short row ear-flaps! It would be so cool--you could apply it to any short-row hat you could want! Just add some stitches at the end (or beginning) of a couple wedges and you have an ear-flap!
These guys got a little long:
But that actually made them long enough to fasten to a button at the very center of the crown--a fun touch.
What do you guys think? Should my next try have more reggler-sized earflaps or should I keep them long? (I'll probably try doing shorter ones to compare, anyway.)


  1. Sarah - I love the concept of being able to fasten the ear flaps on top. I think that hat looks fun and warm!

  2. Awww, they're cute! I like them long. Though theres no harm in providing options, I suppose.

  3. Adorable. I like it both up and down.