Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Camera Boggart?

I can't find one of my cameras, and the one I can find has lost its battery charger. In fact, now I mysteriously have two chargers for the lost camera while previously I had one charger per camera. I have NO IDEA how this happened. I don't think any of my roommates have Cannon cameras. How do I have two Cannon chargers that both refuse to fit my one not-missing Cannon camera? This is too weird.

Anyway, I know somebody with an extra charger, and unless it has also changed shapes, I'll be able to update with my newest projects. I've knitted three hats and two sets of arm-warmers since my last post. This is how bad the situation has gotten! I'm almost done with a hood! It's pretty! And nobody gets to see them!

I will try to rectify the situation.

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