Monday, June 30, 2014

Endurance Socks

Doug and I are back from our honeymoon, and I'm buckling down to publish all the new patterns I've come up with in the last year! First up, Endurance Socks, a pattern I came up with when making a present for my dad's 70th birthday. His (I didn't get a good photograph) were the reverse of these; brown, with a blue stripe, and I loved them so much while making them, I had to use the leftover yarn to make some for myself.

I finished these on a rainy day in Sighnaghi, a lovely town in Georgia (the country). After I finished the toe on the second sock, the clouds parted, and I got to try them on a hike to the Bodbe Monastery down the road. This was the first real hike of our honeymoon, and it proved to me that I was not in shape.

Things changed gradually. After walking uphill and down, laden with our luggage, looking for lodging, my calves began to become something other than soft pads behind my bony shins. In fact, I was quite happy during our hike in Cappadocia, where the only lost breath was that which I had to catch, taking in all the beauty!

OK, so my calves aren't really much to write home about, but look how comfy the socks are! Also, just minutes after this picture was taken, Doug and I saw a hoopoe! This is exciting because of two things: I have a tattoo of a hoopoe, though I'd never seen one in person before, and hoopoe sightings are a rare occurance, even for those who live near their environment!

So now, thanks to my wonderful testers who have been working with me as I traveled, I have published the pattern! I highly recommend them for comfort during hikes, long walks, runs, and cuddling at home.


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