Monday, July 7, 2014

Subconscious Shawl

Getting a rejection is never easy, especially when you've been excited about a pattern from its inkling, through its creation, and are careful to never post any instagrams of yourself wearing it for months.  In the case of this particular submission, however, the rejection note was so kind, complimentary, and encouraging that I can't help but submit again.

Subconscious is a shawl that plays with short-row placement, creating garter ridges that spin off and feed into each other, just like ideas in a pipe dream.  It creates a fabric reminiscent of braids, zippers, branches, and zebras.  When I was trying to come up with a name, everything was falling flat.  Doug suggested, "You should sleep on it.  It will probably come to you subconsciously."  BAM!  Subconscious.  It's the perfect 3-syllable name that isn't hard to pronounce and actually seems to make sense with the subtle stripes.

 Some people have remarked its similarity to bat wings.  I can see it!

 It can be nonchalant as well, which is usually how I wear it.  Because it drapes without a care in the world!

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